Divorce is the termination of marriage and a judicial determination of the parties’ resulting rights and responsibilities including the division of marital property, and a determination regarding child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support and attorney’s fees awards, if any. Divorce is a very serious step which should not be entered into lightly. You should not attempt to enter into a resolution of the issues in your case until you have been informed of your rights and legal entitlements. You may schedule a consultation with this firm at any time to discuss the protections you are afforded by the law.

There are many misconceptions among the general public regarding the rights of a spouse in the area of domestic relations. The divorce laws of each state are different. Terms such as ‘abandonment,” “legal separation” and “no-fault” are defined differently in many states.

In Georgia, there are thirteen separate grounds for divorce, including a “no fault” ground, that the marriage is simply “irretrievably broken.” When the parties are able to reach an agreement in writing as to all issues related to the marriage, which is acceptable to the court, it is possible to obtain an “uncontested” divorce within thirty-one days of filing the appropriate documentation. When an agreement cannot be reached on one or more issues, a judge or jury must be called upon to resolve the contested dispute. Many cases of divorce and other family law matters  are being referred by the courts to mediation or arbitration. These forms of alternative dispute resolution are considered an efficient, cost-effective manner of resolving family law issues.